While the rest of the insurance world may be somewhat quiet and somber by now, save for paying those outrageous premiums monthly. It’s a good time to shift your focus to other types of insurance.

This month we will be talking about Disability insurance.

Sure most people who are accident prone generally know that they are, or if you work in an industry were accidents and serious injuries can occur, you generally know. For people in these situations we know disability insurance is important. In the event of an accident or serious injury you can either be covered by a lump sum payout or you could receive up to 66.6% of your income on a weekly basis. Disability insurance isn’t always cut and dry but these are the basics and specifically the basics of “accident” disability insurance.

The more common areas of concern and believe it or not the more likely areas of concern fall under illness. Specifically, the big ones, Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke.

How much thought have you given to these illnesses? I would bet a majority of people fall into the category of thinking “that won’t happen to me” and then for some of us, we find ourselves sitting in a doctors office waiting for them to tell us that indeed the lump was cancer.

No matter what your situation is…. single, married, single income, bread winner, children, no children, mortgage, rent… Your world is about to be turned upside down, if you are lucky enough to get the warning.

Maybe you are thinking you can cash in on those government benefits that you have been paying into for so many years? The stipulations on applying for federally funded disability are very much NOT cut and dry. You have to be disabled (and unable to work) for 5 months and also be looking at being out of work for at least a year. The whole process itself can take up to 2 years to complete. Do you have 5 months, a year or even 2 years worth of living expenses saved up? Maybe you can take it out of your hard earned 401k? Maybe you have some vacation or sick time saved up? You can of course go on medical leave…. unpaid or paid at your employer’s discretion.

It’s worth taking a look at. A conversation doesn’t cost you anything. Tiger’s Eye Insurance will give you the best prices we can find. We will sit down and discuss them with you. We will make sure you understand what we are showing you, the benefits and potential pitfalls. We will give you the time and space to figure out the best options for you and your family. We don’t push and we do not use high pressure sales tactics, we only want to work with people who want to work with us.

Contact us today, so you can be prepared for the possibilities tomorrow and rest easy knowing you are taken care of.