Subject: Fall Newsletter 2020 – Open Enrollment & Medicare

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Hello everyone,We hope you are faring well this fall and that everyone in your family is healthy. As I am sure most of you are, we are adapting to a distant learning environment and figuring out how to balance our work and personal responsibilities. We appreciate your patience and your loyalty to us through so much uncertainty and change. We are making some positive and exciting changes to accommodate higher call volumes, look for something from us soon on this!We have received the final rate filing for Connecticut health plans in 2021. Please note that these are averages, your increase could be greater or lesser depending on several factors such as age and any changes in your family or potential changes in the rates for the county you live in.To understand these charts it is helpful to know that Anthem files the same rate increase for both individual on and off exchange as well as the same for small group on or off the exchange. These charts also tell you who will continue to operate in the individual markets and who will continue to offer group plans in the state of Connecticut. Please note that these rate filings do not allow us to see your new rate premiums for 2021 any sooner than November 1, 2020 for the individual market and the same for the small group employer market. We cannot and will not conjecture what your exact premium may be, however we can tell you that from age 45 to 64 the rate increases become substantial each year. It is also possible to see higher increases in a particular plan than with any other plan that carrier offers. For our consumers that participate in the individual marketplace on exchange and receive an advanced premium tax credit or an APTC, it is helpful to know that the federal government releases every year a new federal poverty line or FPL chart which does affect the subsidy thresholds as well as the limits for cost sharing reduction plans or CSR’s. That chart will not be released anytime soon. However we do intend to provide you with the FPL for 2020.  For our employer groups that participate in the self-insured plan platform, these rate filings have no bearings on your rates.  Last but not least, the marketplace and ACA are still holding at the federal government level and Connecticut will likely continue to uphold it regardless. What this means is that we know for sure the Exchange/Access Health will be in place along with subsidies for 2021. 

We will be putting together separate emails for our clients in regards to Open Enrollment and how we will be handling plan selection, appointments as necessary and deadlines. Please look for those from us. If you intend to make no changes it is always helpful for us to know that.

Medicare Annual Election PeriodAgency ImageThe Medicare Annual Election Period opens on October 15th, if you are enrolled in a supplement or medigap plan with us, an MAPD plan or a PDP plan, you will be hearing from us in a separate email. This is the time of year to review your current coverage, the cost and if it is still the best plan choice for you. It is also a time to review your prescriptions and make sure you are on th best PDP fo you. Look for an email from us!
COVID-19 Coverage Outside U.S.Agency ImageOur carrier for travel insurance has begun to include coverage for COVID-19 related medical care and/or testing if you are traveling outside the U.S. Certain requirements do apply to some of the plans. If interested please reach out to us for further details. 
Yellow Envelopes from Access HealthAgency ImageBe on the lookout for letters from Access Health. Some members may receive a yellow envelope that will have coverage changes in it. If you do not receive this, you have nothing to worry about.
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Look for an email from us if you are on a Medicare based policy.Look for an email froom us if you are on an individual (non-employer group) based policy.If you are an employer group renewing anytime between now and Decmber 1st, you have either already received an email from us or you will soon.If you are an employer group renewing on January 1st, the soonest we anticipate premiums and plan choices is November 1st. Access Health may be sending you a yelow envelope, make sure you open and read this!We have some exciting news coming soon!
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