7 Things you should look for in an Agent/ Broker

Here are some things to look for in an Employer Benefits Broker! (1) During the quoting process your agent/broker should show you all carriers available to you, with premium rates. Your agent/broker should also limit the number of plans they show (unless otherwise requested) to 3-4 plans per insurance carrier maximum. At Tiger’s Eye Insurance […]

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May is Disability Awareness Month

While the rest of the insurance world may be somewhat quiet and somber by now, save for paying those outrageous premiums monthly. It’s a good time to shift your focus to other types of insurance. This month we will be talking about Disability insurance. Sure most people who are accident prone generally know that they […]

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Welcome to Tiger’s Eye Insurance, LLC

Tiger’s Eye Insurance, was formed over a cocktail, between two woman, discussing wishes and dreams of not punching clocks, of never having to answer to a boss again, of being able to be there for their children at a moments notice with no recourse. Two woman who had been co-workers but not allies. A friendship, […]

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