January Newsletter – New Year New You

Happy New Year – Goals not Resolutions Resolutions are so overplayed. Goals are structured and outlined. Here is how an outline to follow for any goals you would like to make in this new year!  Follow the S.M.A.R.T outline The “S” in smart is for Specific. Be specific when setting a goal. For example, your […]

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December Newsletter – Season of Giving

Season of Giving That time of year, when we all get warm fuzzies on the inside, snuggle up to our loved ones and share meals, gifts, time with family & if we are very lucky… Joy.  Giving has this beautiful side benefit of giving you Joy and a feeling of good-humaness (yes, I just made up […]

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November Newsletter – Open Enrollment

Grateful Hearts Gratitude. It’s a catchy word, filled with hope and warm fuzzies. But do you practice it every day? It might seem like such a small thing cannot have a huge impact, but it can. How is gratitude practiced?  Sit down with paper and pen and just write. Write down a minimum of 3 […]

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Gaps in coverage

Gaps in coverage – June Newsletter

June 28th marks Insurance Awareness Day. Do you have gaps in your coverage? Most of our clients think about insurance only when up against a deadline. The gaps in coverage are discovered when you need them most! In our industry of course we see mostly our clients thinking and stressing about Health Insurance. But where are other possible gaps in insurance that you may not think about? We are here to help you fill in those gaps in coverage.

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May Newsletter – Protect your Income

Disability Did you know that approximately 40% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck? What happens if you lose your income, either because of injury or illness? Insuring your income through Disability insurance often gets pushed to the side when dealing with more pressing insurance matters. The first step is to figure out how much income […]

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